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Last Update: 5th Jun 2022
League Rules
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Team Captain Actions
BEFORE playing ANY league matches you must ensure that your Club / Match secretary has:

1. Forwarded a list of your team's fixtures to the BDBA League Match Secretary
2. Registered all your team's players with Badminton England and sent a list of the names to the BDBA League Match Secretary
3. Deduction of points due to non-affiliation. The rules specifically state that all clubs should be affiliated to the appropriate county and Badminton England by October 31st of each season.
4. Reminders will not be issued and should clubs fail to affiliate by 31st October, they can expect to have 2 points per month deducted from each team.

DURING the season you must ensure that the following actions are completed:

1. If you wish to play a new player you (or your club's secretary) must register him/her with Badminton England and then notify the BDBA League Match Secretary BEFORE playing them in ANY league matches.
2. Players are eligible to play for your team or not according to the details below:
a. A player who has played in a league match for one club shall not play for another club in the same section during the same season
b. Any player who has played three matches for one team shall not thereafter play for another team playing in a lower division. Additionally, any player who has played four matches for one team shall not thereafter play for another team in the same division.
c. A nominated player shall not be eligible to play for another team in the same / lower division
If an ineligible player is used to make up the numbers, this must be declared at the start of the match and all that pair's scores must be entered as 21-0 on the results card.
3. If matches need rescheduling due to
a. unavailability of courts the "home" team must rearrange with the opposition
b. unavailability of players a new date must be agreed as soon as possible
In either case, if a match will not take place on the original scheduled date, both teams must notify the BDBA League Match Secretary and say which team asked for the postponement. This will affect the scores if the match is unable to be played at all.
4. If match time is tight game points must be apportioned correctly: if time does not allow the match to be completed i.e. if the hall is to be vacated by a particular time then it is the responsibility of the home captain, at the completion of the the sixth rubber, to decide if the match can be completed in the time remaining. If there is insufficient time the home captain can:
a. elect to play the last three rubbers as a single game to 21 points, with setting if required.
Unfinished rubbers in this case will be halved.
b. elect to play the last three rubbers to the usual best of three games then any unfinished rubbers will be automatically lost by the home team.
5. Match results should be entered on the league website within 21 days of the match taking place. If you do not have login details, please contact the league match secretary.

Contact Details for the BDBA League Match Secretary: