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Last Update: 5th Jun 2022
About the Bracknell & District Badminton Association

The Bracknell & District Badminton Association has existed at least since the early 1980s (the exact date is not recorded). At that time, the league was made up of four or five divisions in each of the Mens, Ladies and Mixed sections, with all clubs entering teams of six players, and playing matches with plastic shuttles.

There was also a good selection of tournaments on offer, with as many as seven being played during each season (mixed, mens and ladies tournaments, with open and handicap versions of each, plus the weekend-long Silver Wing tournament).

The late 1980s saw the league adopt feathered shuttles for all matches.

Along with many of the leagues in the region, the BDBA has seen a gradual decline in the number of participating clubs over the years, and in addition many clubs were struggling to find six players to make up a team. In the 1990s, the rules were changed to allow clubs to enter teams of four players for the Mens and Ladies if desired, and this has continued to the present day (there are currently more teams playing as fours than as sixes).

Moving to the present day, there are currently three tournaments played annually, held in conjunction with the Windsor and Maidenhead league. The league is smaller than it has been in the past, but relatively stable at present, boosted in recent years by one or two newly formed clubs. However, we are ever on the lookout for new and existing clubs in the Bracknell area who may be keen and able to enter teams into the league.