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Last Update: 5th Jun 2022
XML Data Feeds
Anyone who is not technically-minded... stop reading now! This probably won't interest you at all.

For those still reading, perhaps you run a website for a local club that participates in the Bracknell league? It should theoretically be possible to incorporate data from the BDBA website into your own website. This would enable you to embed such things as league tables, match cards, results lists etc. into your website, and have them automatically update every time I update the BDBA website.

In practice, I haven't yet tried this out for real yet so if anyone is interested in the idea and fancies being a guinea pig, then let me know.
How it works:
In order to embed BDBA content into your site, you ideally need to have a website that allows server-side scripting (php or asp). It should also be possible using client-side scripting (javascript) but I wouldn't recommend that.

The BDBA website can generate XML documents containing the raw data for tables, fixtures, results, statistics etc. These documents can be customised (using URL parameters) to only contain the information that you are interested in (i.e. only the Mens Division 1 table, or only results for one club).

Most server-side scripting languages have the ability to query a suitably structured XML document, in order to extract specific pieces of information from it.

Because the XML document contains no formatting information, it means that you can format the data in a way that fits the design of your website.

Anyway, I'll try to put together some samples to show how I think it might work, but in the meantime let me know if you are interested in giving this a go.

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