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Last Update: 5th Jun 2022
Website History
Whenever there are any significant changes to the website (rather than to the data that is shown on the website), they will be listed here.

3rd March 2008 - Added an online administration interface.
The website is now managed completely by a set of administrative web pages, for configuring seasons, divisions, teams, fixtures etc. and for entering results. An administrator has complete access to all of the functions, whereas a Results-Entry user is able to configure teams, fixtures and results.

My aim with this is to create a re-useable league website that could be used by other leagues, with just changes to the branding of the website
15th Jan 2008 - Website content now available as raw XML data.
The content that makes up this website (fixtures, results, tables) can now be obtained as XML data.
The idea behind this is that if somebody wants to integrate BDBA content such as league tables into their club's website, they can do this by accessing the XML data and formatting it in a way that fits the club's website.
15th Jan 2008 - Teams-of-Four scorecard template updated
The scorecard template for teams of four players now shows the player names for each rubber (rather than, as it used to show, "1+2 vs. 1+2".
This should hopefully make it easier to see at a glance who played in which games.

21st Dec 2007 - Improvements to Player Summary page
On the Player Summary page, the player is now highlighted on each of the mini scorecards that are shown in the results list. (not a huge improvement, I realise, but it is a convenience)

14th Dec 2007 - Changed to XHTML 1.0
The site is now XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant. While this won't mean a lot to most people, it basically means that the website code conforms to a common standard, and it will hopefully make it more compatible with different browsers in the future.

9th Dec 2007 - Added more links between pages
A lot of the pages on the website display things like team names, player names, club names etc. Most of these names are now links that will take you to the relevant page for that team, player or club.

3rd Dec 2007 - Reorganised menu structure
The menu at the top of the page was getting a bit full, so I decided to create a new 'footer' menu at the bottom of each page containing the less frequently used pages.

The menu at the top of the page contains all of the more interesting and commonly used options

30th Nov 2007 - Started listing updates
Before this date, I did not keep a record of the changes that I made to the website, so there is no record of what changed when.

I have just recently carried out a re-vamp of the entire website to make it easier to maintain. This also means that the website is now fully HTML 4.01 Transitional compliant (for those in the know)

I have also added a new page that shows results, fixtures and statistics for a given team. I'm hoping that the captains of the Bracknell teams will find this useful, in that they can send players a link to a single page that has all of their team's information on it.